Newborn Kittens

Kitten Care 101: Taking Care of Orphaned Newborn kittens

If a mother cat has died or is otherwise unable or unwilling to care for her newborn kittens, special care must be taken to ensure their survival. If you find yourself in a surrogate role, you’ll need to know some basic guidelines to help you give your newborn kittens their best chance at a healthy life. You’ll need to get the kitten or kittens in to see a vet as soon as possible. A vet can give you the supplies you’ll need for feeding, and can check the animals for disease, parasites, and other conditions. Tie together…take to vet, but if you decide to care for them yourself-


Know that sometimes, motherless newborn kittens just don’t survive. By giving them the best care possible, though, you can greatly increase their chances of living a healthy life.