Puppies Whining

How To Deal With Whining Puppies

Initially, whining puppies may seem just adorable and innocent but if it continues, they can turn into something very obnoxious and aggravating.  Not to mention, a puppy that whines often grows into a dog that whines and then you're stuck dealing with this undesirable trait for many years.

You should first understand that whining puppies are engaging in a completely natural behavior.  This is how they get their mother's attention, especially when having to compete with litter mates.  The problem is not the short bursts of sounds that you shouldn't be too aggravated with but rather the long-term persistent noise that seems to never stop.

The best way to deal with this problem is tackling it right away before it becomes an established habit.  Always remember to be reasonable and fair, this is a baby after all.  Some whining is to be expected.  Keep in mind that dogs are very social and your puppy just left his mother and litter mates to be brought into strange surroundings.

Why Is Your Puppy Whining?

The most important thing you need to determine is what the cause is behind whining puppies.  You cannot come up with an effective or appropriate solution if you have no idea what the trigger is.  Below are some common reasons why you may be dealing with whining.


Prevent Whining Puppies

Below is a list of preventative measures to take that may eliminate unnecessary whining.