Types Of Spiders

A Quick Guide to Types of Spiders

There are numerous types of spiders throughout the world.  Because there are so many different types of spiders it is important to learn about them in order to help you better understand which ones are poisonous and which ones are harmless to the human population.  This may help people feel more comfortable about spiders and decrease phobias as well.

First there are recluse and widow spiders.  Both of these types of spiders are actually poisonous and can be very harmful to humans.  Recluse spiders are usually found in garages, firewood piles, cluttered basements and stored board piles.  They tend to frequent the places that humans frequent such as bedrooms, closets and bathrooms.  On the other hand, widow spiders can often be found in protective places such as shrubs, vents, gas or electric meters, and rain spouts.  Both of these spiders are shy and only tend to bite when they have been disturbed.

Tarantulas are hair spiders that range from brown to black.  They can be up to three inches long when they are full grown.  Tarantulas will usually come out in the evening and they can be found along country roads or trails.  They eat insects and can go several weeks without food.  Different types of spiders also include jumping spiders.  Jumping spiders come in different sizes and colors.  Jumping spiders tend to hunt during the day and they will stalk their prey before they jump on the prey.  These spiders will not usually bite or attack a human unless they are cornered.  Wolf spiders are hairy like tarantulas and they are fast runners.  They will chase their prey just like a jumping spider.  Wolf spiders hunt day and night and they are generally found outside.  Even though these spiders may alarm a home owner because they are fast and look like tarantulas they are not aggressive but they will bite if you handle them.

Types of spiders that you can also be on the lookout for include crab spiders.  These spiders have a flat body and they will hold their arms in the air towards a right angle.  This makes them look like a crab.  They can also crawl forward, backward and sideways.  Orb weavers are types of spiders that are found in North America and there are several hundred species of these.  These spiders have eight eyes and they are arranged on the spider so that they make up two lines of four eyes.  A camel spider is an arthropod that is found in the Middle East.  They can run up to 10 miles per hour.  They only use three pairs of legs in order to run.  They will often hide during the day and do their hunting at night.

Most house spiders are comb footed spiders.  They have long abdomens and long legs that look like needles.  They have six to eight eyes and they eat insects.  That is actually a benefit to having some spiders in your home because they can keep the number of insects down.  The life span of a comb footed spider is anywhere from one to three years.  These spiders will usually hang their egg sacks on the webs that they have made.  Some of the largest spiders in the Eastern United States are fishing spiders.  They like to be in moist areas like around streams and lakes but they may be found in moist places like basements.  They also have markings like a wolf spider.

By better understanding spiders you can relax and know that you are safe against them.  Many spiders are not poisonous and they can be a large help to your home by keeping insects at bay.  Yes, they are ugly but this does not mean they are going to harm you.  If you do not know if it is harmful, do not touch it.  Most spiders will only bite if they feel threatened or they are attacked.