Wasp Repellent

Options for Natural Wasp Repellent

More and more, people are looking for natural products or solutions for getting rid of insects, such as natural wasp repellent.  The benefit is that the insects are discouraged from coming around or killed, and the garden or flowerbed area with plants is unaffected.  Traditional treatments are made with a high concentration of chemicals that are destructive to plants, but also dangerous to humans and animals.

If you have a problem with wasps, you might first consider a natural or organic wasp repellent.  We wanted to provide you with some of the options that people use most.

A few other tips that go along with using a wasp repellent is that if you have a problem with these insects, avoid wearing dark or bright colored clothes, which attract bugs and wasps.  Additionally, never step on injured or dead wasps in that this causes an odor to be emitted, which attracts only more insects.