Where Do Turtles Live

Some Interesting Facts About the Question Where Do Turtles Live

Children often want to know “where do turtles live” and helping them learn interesting facts like this is not only fun, but very educational.



The fact is that turtles live in different places all over the world. No matter where on earth you go you will likely find turtles that live there, with only a couple of exceptions. Turtles are not found in the Artic, or the Antarctic.

Scientists know that there are over 270 different species of turtles around the world, and with that many they can be found in almost every corner of the planet. Answering the question about “where do turtles live” depends a lot on the species of turtles; some turtles live in the water, while others live on land.

Some of the different types of turtles you will find include,

The Sea Turtle – There are at least 8 different types of sea turtles, and just like the name suggests, these turtles are found living in the oceans. They tend to prefer to live in water that is moderate in temperature so you will likely find them in places like the South Pacific and the Caribbean, though it is possible to find them in colder water sometimes. Sea turtles are known to migrate far from where they were hatched as babies, in fact they have been found up to 3,000 miles from their original homes.

The Red Eared Slider Turtles – This type of turtle makes its home in North America, especially around the United States and Mexico.


The Alligator Snapping Turtle – This species of turtle is found in the Southeastern area of the United States; it is the largest fresh water turtle in North America, they tend to live in lakes and large rivers.

The African Mud Turtle – Of course there are turtles on every continent, including Africa. One species of turtle that lives in Africa is known as the African Mud Turtle; they make their home in the Eastern and Southeastern Africa, as well as Madagascar. Due to the fact that this type of turtle prefers to live in shallow water, they are often found in marshy areas, as well as ponds and rivers.

The Malayan Box Turtle – This species of turtle can be found making their home in places like the Philippines, Malaysia, as well as South Vietnam and Thailand. The Malayan Box Turtles like these areas of the world because they are temperate and provide many rainforests and rice fields for them to live in.

Although there are many turtles that live in the water, there are also some that live on land, such as the Box Turtle. When talking about the Box Turtle and the question of “where do turtles live, you have to take into consideration that there are several different types of Box Turtles, such as the Western Box Turtle. This turtle prefers to live in the Western part of the United States and makes its home in the grasslands, and sometimes in the desert regions.

Another type of turtle that is common to the United States is the Three Toed Box Turtle; this turtle live in areas that are west of the Mississippi River, and even as far south as Texas. Although these turtles do live on land they prefer a damp area to live in so they tend to stay in damp forests or meadows near water.

In the Eastern United States the most common turtle is the Eastern Box Turtle; their habitat ranges from Main, down through the Southern States in the East. These turtles like to live in forests that stay cooler in the summer.

There are so many places where turtles make their homes that the easiest way to answer the question of “where do turtles live” is to say that they live just about everywhere, including the woods, deserts, lakes and the ocean.